Vermont's First Mushroom Certifications

Just in time for the 2017 Spring Season

Certain professions are held to a higher standard of quality because of the potential liability and loss of human life.  Given the burden of the public perception particularly for wild mushrooms as being dangerous, it behooves those certified to be able to maintain 100% accuracy on those mushrooms they are certified to collect under all conditions.

Without due diligence, the ease of misidentification, and the accompanying liability; those of us involved in the trade felt it necessary to respond to the crisis that was overtaking us.  

With this in mind, the Wild Food Gatherers Guild began offering a two part Intensive Course in Wildcrafting and Wild Mushroom Collecting through Green Mountain College and the VTC-Randolph Campus. 

These courses introduced the concept, ethics, historical uses and environmental impact of collecting both wild foods and wild mushrooms, while teaching the correct techniques of botanical identification; harvesting, handling and marketing necessary to meet state and federal regulations. 

We are pleased to announce and thank the following people for participating in the first Wild Food Gatherer's Guild Certification for the various skill sets necessary to collect and sell specific wild edible mushrooms to the public in accordance to the requirements of the Revised 2013 FDA Food Code, which regulates food retail and safety.

For the specific wild mushrooms each participant is certified to collect, please contact the Wild Food Gatherers Guild directly.

Elizabeth Doherty                      Beck Ferguson                            Roger Holden

Sophia Milkowski                       James Russell                              Erica Siclari


Nova Kim & Les Hook                                                                                                                     Wild Food Gatherers Guild & Cooperative                                                                                     190 Gilead Brook Road                                                                                                           Randolph, VT 05060


The Wild Food Gatherer's Guild & Cooperative